Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hey, Hey, It's My Birthday!

So, today is the day. I am another year older. Yay, yay! Is it strange, or uncouth to post about your own birthday? Not so sure about blogging etiquette. I know I should be super depressed, sitting in the fetal position counting my grey hairs. Oh wait, I can’t. I started dying those bad boys years ago. J

Surprisingly, I am feeling pretty good. I am one of those odd people that actually likes myself more the older I get. I have grown fond of the smile lines around my lips, and those intense squiggly indentions running across my forehead. The grey hairs first made their appearance in my mid twenties so I have long since resigned myself to monthly touchups. To me age means wisdom, compassion, understanding and patience... all qualities I would love to have. 

Truth is, I have a bit of a love affair with the elderly. Just ask my husband (he thinks it’s kind of weird). I gush not at babies, but at the old couple at Paradise Bakery who sit across from each other holding hands. Holding hands! Is there anything more lovely? Love them! Can’t wait to be them.
Here are the absolute cutest "older" people I know... Love them!

I am already picturing Travis and I doing the same thing… except we would be in a boat on a lake somewhere… he would be fishing, I’d be reading a book. Doesn’t that just sound heavenly?

Anyway, so it’s my day. I am not really sure what that is supposed to mean. I am going to go to church, Travis will throw together dinner, then I'll attend a Relief Society committee meeting at 8. Travis is making me strawberry shortcake for dessert, yum. That’s his favorite dessert, but I’m not complaining... sugar is involved. Overall, not too exciting, but pretty perfect just the same.