Monday, January 13, 2014

Lets Get Motivated

It’s the beginning of the year, the time when resolutions are as common as sunny days in Arizona, yet I find myself with NO motivation to accomplish anything. What is that? I fear, now that I don’t have deadlines and due dates, I can’t bring myself to accomplish anything.

I should be painting the shelves my husband built. I should be finishing painting my daughters room, a project I started over two months ago. I should be revising my novel. I should be sending out query letters. I seem to have hit a wall that is insurmountable. 

Instead of opening my manuscript, I have been opening books, books not written by me. I love to read! I am a fan of anything fiction, sorry, not a self-help girl here. I don’t have time to read while I am attending school, so I think I may subconsciously be trying to catch up on four months of reading, in one week. Yikes.  In my defense there are some pretty awesome books that have come out this year. Is it just me or are books just getting better and better? I just read Julianne Donaldson’s Blackmoore and a Karen White novel, (love all of Karen’s books!) Now, I want to move on to yet another book. I can read a book in a day, in fact I often do, which explains the state my house is in :/ 

My friend suggested that I am just going through a de-stressing phase, and that I should just go with it because it is what I need, mentally. I think she may be right. My first week out of school, before Christmas, I was a bit down, feeling like I should be somewhere doing something, I just had no idea what. That has passed and I am now just being down right self-indulgent.  

So, I guess I will give myself another week more of reading and zoning out of life, then it's back on my horse, and hopefully the Jen that leaves her house and actually accomplishes things will return. :) 
Watching Sleepyhollow, another one of my guilty pleasures this week. I love how freaked out I look!

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