Monday, January 6, 2014

A Year In Pictures

Life is always a bit crazy at the end of a year. I usually race through the month of December and don't stop to assess my year until the dust has settled. So now, days after the start of the new year I am finally taking the time to reminisce.

I am not normally one to look back and contemplate too much. The truth is, I have had years that have brought me to my knees, literally, and looking back is still a bit too painful. 

And then I have had years like 2013. 2013 was pretty great, and I hesitate to look back because I don't want to jinx 2014. I know, I am bit of a nut. So anyways, here is my look back in pictures. I have added some of my kindos. I am still a bit hesitant to do so... but they were really the best part of 2013 so I couldn't not include them.

I got a little crazy with my pics... a bit too many, but I figure you can stop looking at any point. 

Salzburg Austria

Beethoven, I am a huge fan!

She thinks she's King of the world.
Balboa Island

Wood Carving in Rothenburg Germany
My first black eye. Soccer is lethal!
Newport California
on top a medieval wall, Germany
Two peas in a pod, these two.
Streets of Salzburg


Creepy lady climbing down from the ceiling....
Castle in Mossle Valley, Germany

Bacharach Germany

Rocking it at Saguaro Lake
Sedona AZ

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