Friday, January 17, 2014

The Application Is In

This week I finally sat down and filled out my application for Arizona State University. I thought all I had to do was have my transcripts sent over from the community college. But, no! Because I filed late for my Associates Degree…like a few days late, I do not officially receive my degree until May. May! Because I don’t have my degree, ASU is asking to see my high school transcripts. High school? Does my high school still even have my transcripts? I called Mesa High, GO JACKRABBITS! and figured out how to pull my transcripts and sent them over.

Boy, does it feel weird to look back that far. High School was a lifetime ago. Like 19 years!!! I hate to disappoint ASU, but I am not the same person that those transcripts represent. Yet, I sent them anyway. I was assured they only needed them to show I graduated. Yep, class of 1995!

That’s not all this girl did this week. I also wrote several scholarship essays. It’s an interesting experience writing about how awesome you are, and how deserving you are of other people’s money. Can I just say that ASU is EXPENSIVE, holy cow! It’s not like I want to be a brain surgeon or anything.

I also researched agents this week.  After finding the ones I thought would fit my novel I sent out a couple query letters… cross your fingers. :)

Last but not least, I painted those blasted shelves. What’s that I hear, a round of applause? Well thank you. It took me long enough. I love how they turned out. I feel much more organized.

Overall, it’s been a very productive week. It only took me writing my last post to realize that it was time to get off the sofa and accomplish something already.


  1. This is so familiar...except the painting the shelves part. My high school transcript is older than your high school transcript!

    I wish I was going to ASU, then we could be roommates...I mean have some classes together.

    1. We could have matching bed spreads:) I am already visualizing the posters plastered along the wall.