Sunday, April 27, 2014

My University Life

Last week, after months of dragging my feet, I finally scheduled an appointment to meet with my advisor at Arizona State University.

The classes I needed were filling up and apparently you can not register until you have spoken to a professional. Like I am going to sign up for something crazy like American musicals or something, oh wait, I did sign up for an American Musicals class… with my advisor's permission of course. What musicals have to do with English, I haven’t a clue. I guess I find out in the fall. I will keep you all posted. I know you'll be waiting on pins and needles

I don't suppose studying musicals will help much with my writing either. The creative writing classes I wanted to take have already filled up, so musicals it is for this girl. Who knows, maybe studying Dorothy will inspire me. I am taking a travel writing class that I am SO excited about. I love to travel, have done quite a bit of it, and would love to know how to make the most of my little adventures.

I don’t know why I have all sorts of hang-ups about being the “mature student” in class, but I do. You can read about a very embarrassing past experience here

To lesson the age gap between myself and the younger students, I went to the campus incognito, (little make-up and large sunglasses). It kind of worked. My advisor thought I was 30! Woot, woot! Let’s hear it for the 30 year old… yeah and add 7 years.

So it turns out my shot records were not up to date. Yep, the last time I had my MMR shot was back in ’83. Yes, that’s 1983! I was scanning this shot record that I received from my childhood school and was shocked to see the little amount of immunizations I had in comparison to what my kids have received. 

I am not going to lie. When the nurse at ASU told me I needed a second MMR shot, I began to whimper. I asked all of those questions we have heard many times from our own kids… “Will it hurt? Will I be able to use my arm afterwards? Do I really need this shot?” By this time, I was in a state of near hysteria. I had both of my girls with me on campus, (yes, poor planing on my part… and nothing says mature student like dragging along your seven and eleven year old to school). I may have traumatized them, (the other students and my girls). 

Whatever I did, (the hysteria... not bringing my girls), it worked. The nurse recommended a blood test instead to see if I had built up an immunity to measles mumps and rubella. I can do blood draws… piece of cake. I am nearly a professional after having to deal with a crap thyroid for years.

And, do you know what??? I am one immune woman! I have never been more proud of myself, or more relieved. Bring on the germs! They got nothing on me.

Anyway, I am starting school in the fall at the relatively new east campus, (Polytechnic Campus). I hadn’t been there in years. The campus was originally used as some kind of military base. It has been a bit of an eye sore. But, holy cow, how things have changed. The powers that be at ASU have clearly put a lot of effort and money into the new campus. It really is a bit of an oasis in the desert.

For those of us who are intimidated by large universities  the east campus is perfect. It has a very quiet, community feel to it. The two days in which I had to traverse the campus I felt right at home.

My excitement is definitely starting to override my nerves. I know this is what I want, I can feel graduation day on the tips of my fingers. The only thing left to do is go. 

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  1. Oh my! The east campus looks absolutely adorable! I totally agree with the cozy feel of the place, just by the looks of the pictures, which I think were expertly taken, by the way. Good luck on your studies. I'm pretty sure that graduation, and probably some honors to boot, are just around the corner, with a dash of effort, that is. :)

    John McDonough@ Studemont Funding Solutions