Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cruise food. Anyone hungry?

I am going to do a write up of our vacation in a few days, after I have had a chance to recoup from our vacation… I love that you need to rest after what should be a time of rest. What is that?

Anyway. I had some thoughts this morning and thought I would share. The first thing my family did at roughly midnight last night after we walked through the front door of our home was to step on the scale. I know, I know, it's weird. But, my growing boys have a bit of an obsession with their lack of girth. Those of you with boys who are size challenged understand what I am saying. SO, why the rush to the scales?

Anyone who has been on a cruise knows of the abundance of food. Why is that? I wonder. Do they think if they can keep us all stuffed and happy, full to the brim, they are less likely to have a mutiny on their hands. I seriously don't think I have ever seen so much food in my life.

At one point I wondered if the food was laced with something. That had to be the reason why everyone in the buffet line seemed to have triple on their plate than what they could possibly consume. My family was no exception. Frozen yogurt by the pounds, turkey melts, salads, beagles, cereal, pizza, french fries, hamburgers…. By our last night, I dragged my stuffed body into the dinning room to sit down at our designated table. I had no desire to eat. In fact, the thought of food made me a bit queasy. Yet, there I was planting my increasing booty in my seat surrendering to yet another meal that I could never possibly finish. And we ate. and ate. and ate. (I blame in on the fact that I grew up with 10 siblings… passing on food is like passing on a good sale. Impossible.)

So today my boys are thrilled by the numbers on the scale. Me, not so much.

I've been thinking. There has to be a better use of all of that food. I know my family waisted much of it… hmmm… I keep thinking of the men and women who leave their families for months at a time to work on the ship, sending every cent back home. What do they think of the waste? I kept wondering what their families would think of all of that food ending up in the trash or on my hips?

Our waiter was fabulous, by the way. I was so impressed by how kind he was to our kids, (he even threw in some magic tricks) And the food, really was delicious. I will be dreaming of that last soufflé for a while.

Now back to real life and my cooking. :(

Here is a few pics of our dining experience.
Chocolate Melting Cake! I can not even begin to tell you how good it was….mmmmmmmm.

Brycen was our daring one who always ordered the most outrageous thing on the menu. I think the last night it was frog legs… yuck!

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