Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013, Check!

Well, It’s been a great holiday season so far. As soon as finals began I got sick and that lasted a few weeks. What is it about your body crashing as soon as it slows down? All better now, thank goodness, just in time for Christmas, which was fabulous, by the way. This year was a bit crazy since I did most of my shopping the week before Christmas… but do you know what? It didn’t matter. Everything came together despite the procrastination. Kids are happy, my man is happy, and I am happy, though a bit exhausted. I even got in a bit of editing last night, success! It’s the little accomplishments, right?
            I have not started in on my list of things I wanted to accomplish… painting, cleaning, organizing… you know, all those things I haven’t done in a semester. I figured as I watched my kids play with their Christmas surprises that it’s okay to wait on my big plans. There will be time for those things after school starts. For now, I want to just enjoy my kidos while they are all home.
I don't normally post pics of my Kids but I figured since they were incognito, it was okay. :)

I never thought I was a goal setter, not that lady who makes list. But, I guess I am. Are you? What are your goals for this next year? I would love to hear them. Maybe I will steal one or two. 

That's it for now, I have a baseball game to attend and a cousin slumber party to get ready for. So, from the Williams clan to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and an outstanding New Year. If you can, take time to enjoy those you love, it’s time well spent. 

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  1. I'm not usually a goal-maker with serious intent. But sometime before last year, I came across someone's plan that I decided to adapt for myself. Hers included many, many categories: Life, Health, Family, Work, etc. I decided to focus principally on my writing and associated activities. I came up with three categories within that broad realm: THINGS I WANT TO ACCOMPLISH IN (year), EVENTS I WILL ATTEND AND/OR PRESENT AT, and THINGS I COMMITTED TO DO.

    Doing this goal-setting for 2013 enabled me to do far more than I had expected, so I have continued with a list for 2014.

    The first bunch of goals for the coming year have mostly to do with the act of writing or furthering my writing business, and list the works I will write or finish, the books and ebooks I will re-publish, and other such things as possibly working on audio books.

    The second grouping lists the conferences I will attend, and although I'm cutting back drastically in 2014, gives some alternatives in case finances loosen up.

    The third batch lists my commitments: things I must write, my newsletter, blog schedule, and something else I must do for an organization.

    Perhaps next year I will have this routine down pat, and can include other areas of my life in my goals for 2015.